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Monday, January 11, 2016

Black Lives Matter leader, Baltimore City Council candidate charged with theft

Prosecutors allege Rev. Westley West used bank account and routing information to steal more than $700 from an employer

The Rev. Westley West, a Baltimore pastor running for City Council, said Tuesday that he won't let a theft charge in Baltimore County distract him from pursuing the seat.

West and attorney Donald Wright called a news conference to respond to media reports about the misdemeanor charge filed last week in Baltimore County.

County prosecutors allege that West, 27, used bank account and routing information to steal more than $700 from Elias Wilf Corp. in Owings Mills, where he briefly worked as a truck driver last year.

West, 27, declined to comment directly on the theft allegation.

"The truth needs no support, and therefore I'm not here to speak on the case, but I'm here to move forward," West said, standing outside City Hall with his attorney and several campaign supporters. "The truth takes a while sometimes to reveal itself."


Anonymous said...

Surprise! Surprise!

Anonymous said...

why should a theft charge change things. Marion Barry was arrested for crack and got elected Mayor of DC.

Anonymous said...

If someone is facing felony charges, I don't think they should be allowed to run for an elected position, nor be appointed to one. It's a conflict of interest. Also, if the person ends up going to jail, what are they going to do, conduct public affairs from the inside of a jail cell?

Anonymous said...

The Reverend... LMAO. THIEF!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if what he learned at church gain him this knowledge, or if he decided to join the church after he figured this scheme out. Typical preacher.

Anonymous said...

Westley West it appears is like Al Sharpton nothing sticks to him either, after all he knows Black Lives Matter especially his own, bet he kisses his image in the mirror every day.

Anonymous said...

No doubt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!