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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Transgender Fad Rapidly Spreading in UK Primary Schools as Children Copy Friends

The number of primary school-aged children, some as young as four, beginning to “transition” their gender is rising rapidly in the UK. The popularity of the fad appears to be clustered, with children copying others in the same schools.

Up to 80 primary school-aged children a year are now seeking help towards potentially changing their gender, the chair of Mermaids, a charity which lobbies for families who believe their children and teenagers are transgendered, has revealed.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Susie Green said that, in some cases, British children as young as four are already in the process of “transitioning” to another sex.

She also described how her organisation has observed a cluster effect across the country, with children following one and another in the same school; a school where there might be a teacher who promotes transgender ideology.



Anonymous said...

Okay, go ahead and "change" your gender. But I'm not paying for and don't want to hear a single syllable of whining when you're wanting to change back or to something else later.

Anonymous said...

This is child abuse.

Anonymous said...

you do see how the hinden Dangers of the rainbow are proving to be a very resourceful enemy. They want your soul they desire company in hell. So it must be stopped or we are doomed. The evil sickness is spreading how can this be a good thing? Ughhhhh

Anonymous said...

you are sick animals.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes liberalism in its finest hour.