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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year’s Surprise: Obama Regulation To Give Work-Permits To Foreign College-Graduates

As the nation prepares to ring in the New Year, President Barack Obama is preparing a colossal new executive action that could print-up work permits for a huge number of foreign white-collar graduates every year, above and beyond the levels set by Congress.

This executive action, which directly bypasses Congressional lawmakers, is likely to reverberate across the presidential race, as GOP voters look to choose a nominee they believe will most effectively roll back the President’s still-expanding agenda. And it will certainly raise new security concerns as it covers categories of immigration utilized by migrants from the Middle East and nearby regions.

President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security plans to publish the proposed rule tomorrow, the last day of 2015.

The 181-page rule focuses primarily on giving work-permits to foreign college-grads who will compete against Americans for white collar jobs, despite the large number of American graduates now stuck in lower-wage positions and struggling to pay off college debts. The rule will also make each foreign graduate much cheaper for U.S. employers to hire than many U.S.-born college grads.



Anonymous said...

WE have needs in this country , citizens with needs , citizens that need education , citizens that need help!

Anonymous said...

WE need to STOP patronizing businesses in tourist areas such as Ocean City that hire visa workers because our Government taxes (unemployment, SSA, etc) the hiring of Americans unfairly while exempting foreign workers. Employers should be obligated to pay taxes on ALL workers whether those workers are eligible for the benefits those taxes fund.

Anonymous said...

The US needs to charge them a special tax to work in the US like the US charges Foreign companies. Technically there is no difference.

Anonymous said...

612, slim pickings in OC. They all apply for a cut of the visas. It is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Fundamentally change our country means ruination of it. Thanks Obama

Anonymous said...

So this country government have learn to worm their way into the legalization of cheap laborers through foreign graduate by promising them citizenship. This will keep business from hire American graduate with college debts from asking for higher wage jobs. Americans, do what the illegals do, work hard on slave wages and then just die when you grow old. Just work, pay taxes and die. This is what our government is offering the American born citizen. Sounds like Utopia for the rich.

Anonymous said...

roll it back NOW. someone FIGHT this man and his evil actions.