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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Portrait of an Ignorant Hollywood Liberal

Hollywood liberals are some of the most rabid and ill-informed leftists on the planet, and another one has come out, to prove just that. This time it’s Samuel L Jackson – you know – the black guy that’s in 90% of the movies made in the last 20 years.

In an interview with Hollywood, demonstrates thatHollywood liberals are some of the most ill-informed members of our society. They blindly embrace every feel-good scam and sign on to every leftist campaign imaginable. Oh they, for the most part, don’t actually do anything, but lending their name to a cause, like showing up for a photo op, is as good as doing something – isn’t it?

In the interview, the topics ranged from politics, to race, the police and terrorism – all of which show just how uninformed he is, although to the set who normally readsHollywood, I’m sure he sounds like a well-rounded genius.

Jackson is no different then most liberals – he paints with a selective broad brush. Regarding the police, he tells the interviewer that soldiers came back from Vietnamand became cops. He said: “In the sixties or whatever, guys went to Vietnam, and they came home and people hated them; they were ‘baby killers’ or whatever, and a lot of them became cops ’cause that was the job. But now it’s kids coming back fromIraq and Afghanistan, and now they’ve identified PTSD – but that’s not one of the tests they give for people who put on the uniform. So, consequently, you’ve got people out there who are used to looking at people as the enemy, cause that’s what it was – people were trying to kill them every day. It was like, oh my God – you see a guy, the guy jumps up, Hold it! And young black men are threatening, so you know, and it just happens.”


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Obama. CLUELESS.

Anonymous said...

The guy has always been a hateful racists. Plus hes ugly on the outside. I would never apply for a Capitol One card because of him like I would never buy Progressive Insurance because of Soros.

Anonymous said...

He is right about soldiers becoming police. But i would rather a trained soldier be a cop than some under trained moron the barely graduated highschool

Anonymous said...

Just stick to acting, pal.

Anonymous said...

What a vile, hypocritical, racist little jackass he is.

Tweeted that he "voted for Obama because he's black", publically stated he was hoping the San Bernardino killer was a white man, and claimed millions in "slavery reparations" on his tax return.

For "reparations". A wealthy, successful actor, somehow "owed" reparations for the good fortune his ancestor had, to be shipped over here to guanranteed employment, food and shelter. Talk about black privilege.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe anyone who makes their living pretending.