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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deadline looms for political fundraising reports

BALTIMORE —This is no holiday week on the fundraising side of politics. A deadline looms Thursday night for candidates to report how much or how little money they've raised in the last quarter.

Money certainly matters: The last couple of weeks have seen Republicans Lindsay Graham and on Tuesday, George Pataki, bow out of the presidential race. Neither of them was able to get out of the gate in fundraising.

Among the Democrats, Thursday's deadline looms large for Maryland's own Martin O'Malley, who's not been able to gain robust support in the polls or the campaign wallet.

In the third quarter of the year, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton raised $30 million. Bernie sanders raised $26 million and O'Malley just $1.3 million.



Anonymous said...

O'Malley could never get his hands on enough money. All the money he legislated out of Marylander's pockets didn't satisfy him.

Anonymous said...

Plus OweMalley didn't make it onto Ohio's primary ballot; required 1,000 signatures; he turned in over 1,200 but only about 775 were legit. Too bad, RainTaxMan!