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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ex-INS Agent Michael Cutler: Deportation Announcement Just 'Publicity Stunt'

Michael Cutler, a former Immigration and Naturalization Service agent, tells Newsmax TV the recent announcement that Homeland Security will be deporting illegal aliens is a "publicity stunt" aimed at actually preventing such deportations.

"You know, I've come to call DHS the Department of Homeland Surrender," Cutler told "The Hard Line" guest host Dennis Michael Lynch. "This administration has been all about creating false illusions-- the way they count deportations for example. They include aliens who simply turn around when denied entry at ports of entry or where a border patrol simply turns them back. They're counting those as deportations."

Individual agents are supposed to be allowed to make arrests, but many have faced consequences for doing so without the Obama administration's OK, he said.

"Here's the better question: Why are they announcing their intentions before the fact?" Cutler asked. "I've never known of a law enforcement agency that's going to go out there and say in advance, 'We're coming for you.' And if you look at the timing, Christmas, you want to talk about the Grinch who stole Christmas? This is about playing up this 'My God if we enforce the law, think how terrible this is.'"


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