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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New law lets cops confiscate guns without notice

Under a new law effective New Year’s Day, California cops can now seize guns from law-abiding Americans without charges and without giving any notice.

And police can keep those firearms for 21 days under the law known as AB 1014.

If family members believe a gun-owning individual is a danger to themselves or someone else, police may acquire a temporary “gun violence” restraining order from a judge, KPCC public radio reported.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the law after the 2014 shooting by Elliot Rodger near the University of California, Santa Barbara. Rodger, 22, killed six people and injured 14.


Anonymous said...

Anybody in the state of California that still cares about constitutional rights needs to think about moving out now if they have the means to do so. Before long the state will be a giant Marxist re-education camp. Jews in Germany were warned to get out while the getting was good in the mid 1930's. Most did not heed the warning. You know the rest of the story. And by the way, gun confiscation was one of Hitler's first edicts for "public safety".

Anonymous said...

They can do the same thing in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

4:48 is right. No due process when it relates to an arrest for domestic violence. If one party claim to have been assaulted by a cohabitant and the accused is arrested and has firearms, the firearms are confiscated. They are not returned until after the trial. If there is no arrest but a protective order is issued, the firearms are confiscated. If the subject who was arrested for domestic violence is convicted. the firearms are forfeited to the state. As long as the protective order is in place the respondent may not possess a firearm and any confiscated by police are retained until the protective order is dropped or expires.

Anonymous said...

They can only have my guns when they pry my gun from my cold dead fingers!! Just remember the reasoning behind why our founding fathers put the Second Amendment in our Constitution!! The time is now to take action to protect our country, our way of life and our Constitution! PTL & pass the ammo!!

Anonymous said...

What I find stupid is they had advanced evidence of the guy making threats, so why was that not grounds for arrest?

Anonymous said...

More cop shootings will happen.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
More cop shootings will happen.

December 30, 2015 at 10:17 PM

that's probably what they want so they can justify even more restrictions. to 'them', cops are expendable just as we are. the end goal is to disarm the population by any means possible. that's why there is so much fear mongering in the media. and who owns the media? nothing is about OUR safety. it's all about 'their' safety and 'their' profits. that's all they care about, certainly not us. just keep running the machines and paying taxes. ( until the machines take ALL of the jobs, then we are worth even less ).

they make laws to keep us in line, and to enable whatever they wish to do with as little static as possible. how do they enforce these laws? threats. threat of taking your phony money. threat of putting you in prison. threat of violence at the end of a gun. why would they want us to be armed so we could resist them and defend ourselves?

go take a quick look at the history of the nations that disarmed its population and see what happened to them after that. that isn't fear mongering, that's historical fact.

as imclain would say, keep cheering.

lmclain said...

Bit by bit, little by little, one step at a time, your "leaders" (which is akin to calling a mouse a dangerous predator) are disarming and restricting "we, the people".
You let them pass the Patriot Act (something that would have NEVER even been debated before). Then, to close the gaps in surveillance and suppression, they passed the NDAA.
Even today, most Americans aren't truly aware of just what those two acts actually allow the government to do, which is ABSOLUTELY ignore and disregard any and all Constitutional protection given to "we, the people".
You cheered and clapped so loud and long that your hands started to blister.
Sure. America will be the ONE exception to 5000 years of history.
We will turn over power to a select elite, who we are sure knows what's best for us (THEY are sure; you better believe it).
Individual freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government?
Who needs them?
Keep cheering.