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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A US landmark just declared itself a 'no-drone zone'

Just in case you were considering flying that new aerial drone you got for Christmas off the Golden Gate Bridge, there's a new rule you probably should know about.

You can't.

Signs were installed on and around the iconic bridge last week advising potential amateur pilots and other visitors that there are no drones allowed, according to KCBS, the local CBS radio network station.

Officials with the Golden Gate Bridge District, the public entity that owns and operates the bridge, said unmanned drones are not allowed because they pose safety and security risks to people on the bridge.

“Whether due to operator error or technical problems, drones can and do fail,” district officials said in a written statement released last week.

“When they drop from the sky, they pose great risk of causing traffic, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, especially given the crowded conditions on the bridge,” the statement said.

The ban extends to areas near the bridge and the acreage around it, which extends to National Park Service property north and south of the famous span.


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