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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Planned Parenthood Performed 323,999 Abortions in 2014, Accepted $553.7 Million in Taxpayer Funds

Planned Parenthood has released its 2014-2015 annual report at the conclusion of a year marked by controversy for the organization.

“There never has been a more important time to stand for and with Planned Parenthood,” Jill Lafer, the chair of Planned Parenthood, and Cecile Richards the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, wrote in an opening letter. “We are at a critical moment in our history. Over the past several months, we have been tested in every way imaginable — and have emerged stronger than ever.”

The report states that “In the pages that follow, we present highlights from a year filled with achievements and breakthroughs.”

“Abortion” is listed in the report as one of the organization’s “Top Achievements” in 2014.



Anonymous said...

a lot cheaper than 323,999 on welfare!

Anonymous said...

Next to the holocaust, this is the second largest mass murder in history!!

Anonymous said...

But they do a lot of things not just abortions.

Anonymous said...

97% of the services they provide are for contraception, birth control counseling, education and outreach, cancer screening. STD screening, and other reproductive health services. Only about 3% of what they do, is abortions. They do FAR MORE to prevent abortions, by enabling women to prevent unwanted pregnancies, than any anti-choice organization.

Anonymous said...

What's sad is that a lot of people have become numb to the killing of innocent life. Fetuses at 12 weeks have beating hearts pumping blood into their brains. The film "Silent Scream" showed the response of a BABY being aborted from the womb. And if they aren't dead on arrival, they kill them outside the womb. That's murder. And it's all being done for the money. What a sick society we live in!

Anonymous said...

Other clinics provide these services as well. This organization pays their top executives and managers more. We don't need PPH. Women are going to continue to have unwanted pregnancies and babies. STD's, VD's, HIV's is still high in this country. There are other clinics that provides for women care. PPH is no longer needed. This organization has wasted enough tax payers money. Shurbthem down. It's no longer about abortions. It's about wasteful tax payers money that goes to board members, trusties, executives and managers. Get your own rich and famous lifestyle.