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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Dispatch, Ultra Partner On Solar System At Berlin Office

BERLIN — Thanks to a partnership with Ultra Solar & Wind Solutions, a local publishing company is now utilizing solar power to operate its office.

Located on Old Ocean City Boulevard in Berlin, The Dispatch’snew solar system, which went online Dec. 9 after two months of financial, feasibility and engineering studies, consists of 58 panels and four inverters and will produce approximately 23,000 kWh of energy annually, supplying an estimated 103% of annual electric use for the Berlin-based newspaper. The panels cover 1,018 square feet of space on the office’s roof.

The Dispatch Publisher Steve Green said the solar project makes tremendous environmental sense, as the system will avoid over 463 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the office’s footprint over its useful lifespan. However, he said it was the economic incentives that made it financially feasible for his small business.



Anonymous said...

Economic incentives simply means that somebody else (taxpayers?) pays for it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure.
what is the payback time?
another fleecing of the taxpayers.
we yet again get stuck with the bill to finance their "green" energy project that will take years to break even and by then the solar panels will need to be replaced.
will the Dispatch apply for more tax "incentives?"
hey, might as well dip from the federal trough, everybody else is doing it.

Anonymous said...

How long did it take for the electric company to come out and change the meter?

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers have been funding big oil for years. I don't hear you getting upset about that.