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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Republicans reap what they sow

‘PANIC” MAY BE too strong a word to describe what many establishment Republicans are feeling about the insurgency that has taken over Congress and the presidential campaign. Then again, maybe not. “We have to end this. We look absolutely crazy,” said New York Congressman Peter King after a bloc of 40 Congressional ultras tipped over the neatly-set table of succession in the US House this month. David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, called the GOP’s turmoil “more than a little frightening.” On the campaign trail, party regulars are alarmed that half the nation’s likely Republican voters — or at least, the half who talk to pollsters — prefer a president without a lick of government experience. “The usual ways voters judge a candidate — experience, governing achievements, mastery of issues — have been devalued,” lamented Peter Wehner, who served in three Republican administrations. “Reason has given way to demagogy.”

None of these worrywarts would ever be mistaken for liberal. But they are pragmatists: They want to win. And after weeks of being gobsmacked by the rise of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and the fractious Freedom Caucus, the establishment has begun to rally, prodding an uneasy consensus around Paul Ryan for house speaker and trying to slow Trump’s march as the party’s standard-bearer. “It is very important for Republicans to demonstrate to the country that they can trust us with the government,” said Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.



Anonymous said...

Republicans will ride the rising cost of Obama-care right into the White house.

Anonymous said...

the establishment both left and right just cannot figure out why they are hated

Anonymous said...

The Republicans can't govern because they hate government. It's hard to run an operation when your only goal is to shut it down.

Anonymous said...

Any member of Congress with more than two terms needs to be removed. Our Congress needs to return to being "of the people, by the people and for the people", not by and of politicians with their own self interest at heart. That is why our Congress is such a stalemate of getting nothing done, the majority are only interested in what will improve their own standing!

Anonymous said...

if you look at how the insiders are trying to control Culver and Wicomico County and keep him for doing what the people elected him to do, it is easy to understand why it is felt on a national level too. we have a republican council that works against Culver, just like the do nothing US Congress. it is the RINO republicans and the whacko right that have caused the problem in addition to the liberal extremists.