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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stunning Bernie Sanders Video From 1985 Just Surfaced — This Is Who He Really Is

This is groundbreaking...

Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist.”

He has stated: “Democratic socialism is taking a hard look at what countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway (and) Finland…have done over the years and try to ascertain what they have done that is right, in terms of protecting the needs of millions of working families and the elderly and the children. And I think there’s much that we can learn from those countries that have had social democratic governments and labor governments or whatever.”

Has Sanders also spoken positively of more radical regimes such as Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba?

In a 1985 video discovered by CNS News, Sanders applauded Castro for having “totally transformed society” in Cuba.



Anonymous said...

I watched the video and, um, he is exactly right.

Cuba was a playboy island were politicians and businessmen would go to find drugs, gambling and hookers away from the prying eyes of the American citizens. The farmers and those not in the "American" circle had NOTHING. Fidel, Raul and Che lead these people to rise up against their puppet government and overthrow them. Their country had a very similar birth to our own.
It boggles my mind that we label Cuba a "terrorist nation."
We blew up a ship in their harbor
We launched the Bay of Pigs
We and Russia were the superpowers and played war games with that country, much like we did in Vietnam and Korea.
When you hear an old Cuban talking about how horrible Castro was, it was probably because they were benefiting from the system that was in place and he took it away.

Now Bernie didn't say any of this, he only said that Cubans would not rise up against their government. Here we are 30 years later and they still haven't risen up despite all our efforts. Don't you wan't a President who is a realist instead of one who stubbornly wastes your money trying to start a coups in country where it won't happen? (Not saying that Bernie should be President, just that the 30 second video shows a grasp of reality that is sorely needed in the Whitehouse)

lmclain said...

The good news is he ahs no chance. The bad news is, Hillary does.....