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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The left chortled on Monday after learning the results of a new Gallup poll showing an all-time low for Tea Party support. According to Gallup, just 17 percent of Americans say they support the Tea Party, with 24 percent calling themselves opponents and 54 percent saying they have no opinion.

The poll’s high water mark for the Tea Party stood at 32 percent in November 2010. Oddly, the drop-off has been steepest among conservative Republicans, who have dropped from 63 percent support to 42 percent support from 2010 to 2015. Moderate or liberal Republicans never really supported the Tea Party; just 32 percent supported the Tea Party as of 2010, and that number has now dropped to 17 percent.

What happened?

The establishment Republican Party went to war with the Tea Party, over and over again.

Unlike the Democratic Party, which has a useful habit of coopting the left’s hardcore popular grassroots movements, from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter, the right has an unfortunate habit of disassociating from its popular uprisings. Almost from the outset, Republican insiders seemed uncomfortable with the Tea Party movement, believing it to be a reflection of anger that could blow back on them.



Anonymous said...

Tea party is here to stay!! The old republican BS leadership had better take notice. If your in Congress more than a decade it's time to go home.

Anonymous said...

About 10% of the American colonists were considered supporters of the revolution against England. I'll take 17% of people with guts to help change the corrupt government. The other 83% either want a corrupt government or don't care, not much has changed in 239 years.

Anonymous said...

The tea party is like the underground economy its rolling on without notice.

Anonymous said...

We're still here, waiting and watching.

Oath Keeper said...

Lock and Load

Anonymous said...

And Sarah Palin will be our Queen. Tea party was killed by the media, same as the occupy movement. You people need to realize that you will not accomplish anything without the support of some on the other side. The divisive comments play right into the hands of the media and government elites who want us divided over what laws they are allowed to break.