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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Race heats up early for Md. Congress race

BALTIMORE - The Democratic primary in Maryland is still more than seven months away but already the competition is heating up.

Pastor Jamal Bryant, of Northwest Baltimore's Empowerment Temple, has been on the front lines of protests ever since the death of Freddie Gray -- and before that both here and in other cities around the country.

Now he says he's the man who should replace Elijah Cummings in Congress.

Cummings could decide to run for Barbara Mikulski's seat in the U.S. Senate, but he says he has not made that decision yet.



Anonymous said...

He would be an exact replacement for Cummings....another useless race-baiting dumbocrat!

Anonymous said...

Ohh!!! Please please please!!!! Elijah , run! Run for babs seat please!!!!! GLEE GLEE.

Anonymous said...

Oh but they will vote for him just like they did for obama. They are a people completely void of all morals. This is why their neighborhoods all have deteriorated into urban war zones and they are too damn stupid to figure it out. He mounted a 17 yr old church member and made a baby with her in a sinful union because he is married! Typical! And typical of blacks to completely ignore this. What a bunch of sinners they are.
As long as he is black some will vote for him because morals are completely gone in black communities and anyone who says they aren't is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money. Where was this billboard produced and who paid for it. Then check his criminal record.

Anonymous said...

Here we go , this guy has a record a mile long also. I assume that is a qualification for blacks to enter the political arena.

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive. He's a Doctor AND a Reverend.