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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Check out Latinos share why they're voting for Donald Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has become notorious for his anti-Mexican comments throughout his presidential campaign. During various speeches and debates, he has called Mexicans drug dealers, rapists and killers. He also asserts on a somewhat regular basis that Middle Eastern terrorists are illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Thus, one would assume that Latino people in the United States plan to vote against Trump in the presidential election. Not only has he generalized the culture, but he also preaches inaccurate claims about Mexicans and undocumented immigrants to the media. Nevertheless, he asserts that he "loves the Mexican people" and that they love him in return.

It seems the latter claim is more accurate than one might think, though. As it turns out, Trump has garnered a significant amount of support from within the Latino community in the United States. Several Latino people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to speak out about why they support Donald Trump for president.



Anonymous said...

an anonymous platform - no such thing

Anonymous said...

This guy Trump, as much as I might have liked him...he is imploding

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, keep thinking that. Fact is no candidate in the GOP will get any significant Latino votes.

Anonymous said...

For good reason. Many thousands, if not millions, have gone through the legal process to become American Citizens, and are proud of their accomplishment.Present citizens have a
vested interest in keeping illegal immigrants out of our country, and we, as Americans, are proud that our new fellow Americans are standing at the helm to resist the illegal influx!