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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Oh My, Look What We Started!

Young Man Sends Facebook Into FRENZY After Posting THIS

Saluting with a cheesy grin on his face as as Old Glory goes up in flames, you have to wonder just what was going through Brendin Bossle’s mind, as the ginger Call Of Duty fan stands on his parents porch, and waits for his mom to finish washing his socks.

Since the original post went up on Facebook, it appears as though Bossle has deleted his Facebook account, as I’m assuming dealing with hundreds of thousands of angry Americans demanding an explanation just really wasn’t “his thing.”

One Veteran by the name of Clint St Martin sent the young man a heart-felt message after tracking him down on his Google profile, verbalizing what many people across the country felt after seeing the post:



Anonymous said...

Good. Anyone who does this needs to be known.

Anonymous said...

They need to be shot, not need to be known. An embarrassment to the human race.