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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Obama Rushing to Bestow Citizenship on Immigrants

The White House announced a new campaign Thursday to get the 8.8 million legal immigrants in the United States on U.S. citizenship rolls – a message presidential staffers are sending across the nation just in time for voting season.

Specifically, the Obama administration is pressing for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to make it easier for the legals to pass the test, the New York Times reported. The agency is going to provide practice tests via cellphone, as well as hold study and preparatory workshops in key spots around the country.

The fee to take the citizenship tests will remain at $680, but can be paid by credit card, the newspaper said.

Team Obama has reached out to regional immigration groups for assistance with the more than 70 workshops that have been organized, the New York Times said. The administration’s also planned about 200 naturalization events in the next week.

But that’s not all.


Anonymous said...

So they'll vote dumbocrat in the next election!

Anonymous said...

It's unconstitutional but with the lamn republican congress he'll get away with it.