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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The College Bubble 2.0

On Monday, we got some color on Hillary Clinton’s $350 billion plan to make college more affordable. As we recently noted, students and former students across the country owe more than $1.2 trillion in college loans - doled out by our government in the name of helping high school graduates further their education, and as Bill Ackman so eloquently put it earlier this year, "there’s no way they’re going to pay it back." But at this point, extra funding is backfiring. Half of young graduates are either unemployed or only working part-time, which is a startling sign that the jig is up. In conjunction with the poor economy, new technology, developing markets killing jobs, and the massive increase in applicants with degrees, the value of college degrees is drastically falling in the economy of today. College is in a bubble, and it is going to pop soon...

The following video should open a few more eyes to the startling crisis facing today's young adults and the American higher education system...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yet more money pulled out of our non-existent funds. Leave it to Hillary to play both sides - take millions in cash from the scandalously expensive and low-graduation rate for-profit colleges, then get The People to pay for it.
What's needed is something else, like a major overhauling of all tuition rates and academic programs. We've lost the idea that college prepares young Americans to enter the job market with increased knowledge and skills. It's time to make that a priority.