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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Medical records a factor in fatal car crash that killed NyAnn Smith

An assistant prosecutor with Wicomico County says it took almost a year to file charges in the death of a Baltimore County woman because they were waiting on medical records.

A friend of NyAnn Smith said this week the case was closed, but the prosecutor's office says it remained open.

The charges against 23-year-old Taylor Morrison, the son of Pokomoke City Mayor Bruce Morrison, all relate to a medical condition that involves him blacking out -- that he did not report to the MVA before getting his license.

Smith's parents said in a statement that the Wicomico County sheriff pushed their case along when they raised concerns about the police report.


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Anonymous said...

No. Mike Lewis wasn't trying to help cover this up was he? Not the good ol boy. He is an outstanding officer of the law.