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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It Ain’t Over Yet: Bird Flu Aftershocks Will Keep Egg, Whole Turkey Prices High

Though the bird flu crisis might be over now, the toll it’s taken on egg and poultry producers in the U.S. will continue for quite some time. Industry experts say egg prices will climb higher than previously predicted, and stay high through 2016. Meanwhile, frozen wholesale turkeys will also cost more this Thanksgiving than last year.

After 48 million chickens and turkeys were destroyed this year during the avian flu outbreak, limited supplies of baby poultry and not enough space to house them could make it tough for farmers to rebuild their poultry populations, reports Reuters.

Egg prices are going to tick up higher than experts thought, according to estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and could stay high into 2016, while frozen turkeys will likely cost 19% more than they did last year for Thanksgiving.

It’s been two months since the last case of flu was reported, but poultry producers say it could take two years or so of rebuilding to get their flocks back to where they used to be.


Publishers Notes: 48 million chickens is NOTHING! This is a scam and I believe everyone knows it. Yesterday in Walmart, a total of 36 eggs was almost $9.00. Americans will fall for just about anything any more and you'll do nothing to fix it. 


Anonymous said...

so, how many cases far?

Anonymous said...

Mountaire Selbyville kills about 2.1 million a week, so that's only about 20 weeks birds at one plant in the USA.

Or, in other words, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just like orange juice. When there is a freeze in FL, the price skyrockets. Brazil produces 3 times the the oranges that the US does and is where the majority of OJ comes from.

Anonymous said...

Now you can grow your own in Salisbury. Chickens, that is.

YesIWorkIntheChickenIndustry said...

I have to disagree with you, Joe. 48 million chickens IS nothing compared to the number of chickens is the US. However, most of those chickens are meat birds and never reach the egg laying stage of their lives. There are on the other hand, "only" about 296 million commercial egg producing birds in the country. That's about 16% of the workers GONE. That is a dent. Plus, imagine taking 64 million eggs off the market so that they can become layers. (Half will be males, half of the females won't be worth keeping). OUCH! And that assumes you have the hatchery space to house them all!
Plus, the article mentions the problem getting the house recertified with the USDA so that layers can be put back in the house. Anyone surprised there?

Anonymous said...

just more inflation they are pushing on us... to make money...

Some say there is a BIG event coming and the elites know about it... They want to steal and plunder as much wealth and money from us as they can before this big event happens... It is funny to note, that if it is a weather disaster or a financial one, what would be the point? the money would be useless at that point...

LMCLAIN said...

Yeah. We were "running out of oil!!!" in the 1970's. Gas HAD to skyrocket in price and we had to wait every other day to even get it.
Who went to jail over THAT huge corporate LIE and market manipulation?
Many other commodities have been "played" in order to make the price jump.
Now, it eggs. ANOTHER scam.
One hundred sixty millions chickens are slaughtered EACH WEEK in the USA. Somehow, their scary math and boogeyman tactics don't add up.
Of course, its for your 'safety'.

They could NEVER say "we're going to see just how high we can get these prices. And then keep them there! Brand new mansion on the coast of Hawaii??? HERE I COME!!".
And FIRE those workers trying to get more than the minimum wage, too! They are going to ruin my dreams of mega-wealth! Who in the hell do they think they are, wanting to feed their kids breakfast every damn day!?
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

I have cut way back on the meats I consume, there are plenty of other proteins and a more healthy diet. For me, some of it is due to prices, the rest is just trying to have a better balanced diet.

Gerald said...

"Americans will fall for just about anything any more and you'll do nothing to fix it."
You are right, look at what is in the Whitehouse, they put him there twice!

Anonymous said...

This is probably a bigger mess than your realize, Joe. The capacity to farm chickens for meat and eggs was sized to meet demand. Now the system has to pay all the bills during a drop in production, prove itself free of bird flu, and eek out any extra capacity it can to repair the meat chicken population, keep egg chicken populations stable, and and attempt to meet consumer demand. This can't happen overnight, and it's going to take place in competition with consumer demand for protein.

Plenty of market manipulation goes on, though. I don't blame you for being suspicious. Somehow beef farmers have a hard time getting enough for their cattle to survive, yet we pay record beef prices. The shrinking number of processing plants reducing competition for wholesale cows couldn't possibly have anything to do with that, could it?