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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Letter To The Editor: Crime Reporting App

Can you post this, curious to see what other City of Salisbury residents think about it? Maybe Jake can put this on his to do list.

What does everyone think about a crime reporting app like

I think it would be beneficial to have a way to take a picture and report it to the SPD from my phone. There have been many times I do not know the house number to report to the SPD, it would be nice to be able take a picture with embedded GPS numbers and send it to them. Being able to sending it anonymously would be great as well.

This is something I could stand behind spending speed camera money on. (I have NO vested interest in the app)


Anonymous said...

Your going to go around and take pictures of crimes while they are happening? Is that the idea here?

Anonymous said...

What is it you want to report? People smoking pot in a particular house?
You sound like some kind of vigilante.

Anonymous said...

you clowns obviously don;t know what cell phones are capable of and since the NSA and google and apple are all in co-hoots, nothing is every anonymous...


also riddle me this batman, why do you think they are making cell phones now where you can not remove the battery??? like the iPhone and the Samsung and Moto's????? along with the facial recognition hooked up to every camera in the country, do you all feel safe now??? no freedom but do you feel safe now???? is it, was it worth it?????

Anonymous said...

Yeah....I'd post all the cops speeding on phones while eating. Or them drinking all night and then driving.

Anonymous said...

So you're going to pull out your smartphone, access the app, take a photo of someone's house and type in a report of what you think they are doing illegal there? While you're driving? Or are you going to park in front of their house and write your report?

Every old busybody will be using it to "report" stupid stuff, like perceived zoning violations and cars with expired tags. And groups of black people standing around looking like they're up to something.

Try Sketchfactor, it's a simple app that lets you tag then describe why a specific place seemed sketchy/shady.

Anonymous said...

The idea of it is to report to SPD via an app instead of calling in and dealing with dispatch. This isn't only for crime but for accidents and fire as well.

How many of you actually have renting neighbors that you have to call the SPD on all the time due to loose pit bull dogs chasing your kids around or drunks hitting a tree in your yard or crackheads trying to break into your house.

You don't understand the usefulness of this since you obviously do not live in city limits. Please troll elsewhere with your negativity.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the urban life, move to the suburbs or sticks. Very sad to live a life of peering out the window and calling the police all day and night.

Anonymous said...

There is an even easier app.- dial 911

Anonymous said...

5:11 You need a better neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

7:16 I do, but will take a loss if I sell, trying to stick it out and do some good for the neighborhood since everyone else doesn't give a crap about it anymore.

What some of you refer to as vigilante is called Neighborhood Policing,I am always looking for new and better ways to help the SPD clean up the trash in our neighborhood. Unfortunately you get rid of one bad renter and another one comes in.

Just hope Jake or someone at SPD sees this post and takes a serious look at how can they help us citizens make it easier to communicate with them, it doesn't have to be THIS app, just be something easy to use for when you do need it.

Could work for the Sheriff's department to, think about this, you see someone doing something obviously they shouldn't be doing, load the app, snap a picture and include info, that is sent to dispatch, dispatch is able to send that picture and info to the closest patrol officers laptop, he now knows who to be looking for from the picture.

If that is your house being broken into while at work wouldn't you like to give the police the best chance to catch the thief?

Anonymous said...

You can make a phone case so that the GPS location won't work as long as it's in the case.