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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders Is Closing In on Hillary

Look out, Shrillary. Hard left nutcase Bernie Sanders is right behind you and closing in fast:

Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist and a long shot for the White House, scored a strong second-place finish to Clinton by drawing 41 percent in a straw poll vote at the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention. Clinton won 49 percent.

The Vermont senator received 208 of 511 delegate votes at the state convention in Milwaukee on Saturday, while Clinton won votes from 252 of the delegates, leaving her just short of a majority. Both Vice President Joe Biden and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who announced his candidacy late last month, received three percent of the vote. Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who is considering a bid, won two percent of the vote, while former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who announced his long-shot candidacy last week, received one percent.

Looks like Sanders is cornering the market on the anyone-but-Shrillary vote — which puts him in the catbird seat if the wheels come loose on Shrillary’s standoffish campaign, which she has arrogantly conducted like a coronation.

Sanders belligerently advances values that would be a better fit for the Soviet Union than America. But if Obama could get elected twice, no one is too conspicuously unsuitable or too far to the left. Republicans may yet develop some semblance of a spine, in which case Shrillary will be too busy dealing with criminal charges stemming from her influence peddling to fend off Sanders.

The “mainstream” media will then whitewash Sanders and demonize his opposition, seeing to it that this malevolent anti-American screwball is the next president. The good news is that based on his Senate voting record, he would actually be an improvement on what we have now in terms of radicalism:



Anonymous said...

The way I see it pure socialism would be better than a fascist oligarchy disguised as capitalism. Capitalism is far better, but if we are going to continue manipulating markets and running a welfare state then its no longer capitalism its just a financial redistribution balancing act and lawless free for all.

Anonymous said...

A liar and a Communist .

Anonymous said...

Is this the "weekend with Barnie" guy? If it is, he might be a serious contender!

Anonymous said...

I think we all know who the real screwball is.

Anonymous said...

Soon it will need to be war to decide the outcome of an election. America can not stand for the assault of these Communist usurpers and they must be removed at all costs.

Anonymous said...

I agree he's a communist but I also think he believes everything he is saying, and that he feels he is doing what is best for those struggling the most. I can be a capitalist but still believe that there is an incredible amount of inequality in our current system. The poor are cut no breaks while the rich pay their way out of crimes the rest of us would get prison for. If Republicans could get back to pure free market, sound foreign policy and respecting civil liberties we could win over an incredible number of young democrats who I feel only identify with that party because of what they claim to be. Ron Paul was winning huge support with youth and the party screwed him. With that the Republican party cut off what could have been a revolutionary youth movement towards conservative values. Bernie Sanders is a purist just like Ron Paul only in the complete opposite direction, and Republican hardliners may have chased people looking for that certain type of man towards socialism. What a shame if I'm right.

Anonymous said...

Bernie's sole purpose is to prevent the progressives in the democratic party from getting behind a third party candidate. He'll eventually cede the nomination to her and encourage his supporters to vote for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Americas last chance to vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. He is actually an independent, just running as a democrat. I don't think his allegence to the D is that strong. I would say if anyone does that it will be OMalley. He was "groomed" by ol Billy boy if I remember correctly.