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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Fire Extinguisher Uses Sound Waves to Put Out Flames

Boom out da fi-ya! Bass out da flames!

Firefighters may be snuffing blazes with deep-toned sound, if a new device invented by two engineering students in Fairfax, Virginia, catches on.

Viet Tran and Seth Robertson's new fire extinguisher looks a little like a conventional one, but instead of a compressed air tank spewing out chemicals, theirs has a loudspeaker the size of subwoofer drumming out sound waves.

It's not much to listen to, just a low hum, but when pointed at flames, it makes them vanish.

In a way, it's like blowing the fire out, because sound waves are basically multiple, regular blasts of air.

When they started out, Tran and Robertson thought high-pitched tones would do the trick. It didn't work.

"It's low-frequency sounds – like the thump-thump bass in hip-hop that works," Tran said.



Anonymous said...

Salisbury could be rid of career and volunteers and have a fire warden use this to protect the citizens

Anonymous said...

I wonder... is this also a new type of weapon? What would be its effect on a person??

Anonymous said...

11:51-It was new in WW2 when Germany experimented with it.It was called "impulse weapon technology".They never actually used it in warfare that I am aware of.