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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Four Liberal Lies About Ronald Reagan Debunked

Lee Edwards at the Heritage Foundation has a great piece debunking four of the biggest lies the left tells about Ronald Reagan and what he wrote is something you need to know when you are arguing against a leftist who *thinks* he knows history.

Liberals love to bash Reagan claiming he made the world less safe, grew government, and was an enemy to “the poor.” But Lee Edwards says that to the contrary that Reagan was one of this nation’s greatest leaders.

Liberal Myth No. 1: Reagan’s dangerously belligerent foreign policy had little to do with the disintegration of Soviet Communism. Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader most responsible for bringing the Cold War to a non-nuclear conclusion.

Edwards says that to the contrary, with his support of America’s military growth and his support of freedom and liberty worldwide, Reagan actually limited aggression across the world and even eventually toppled the Soviet Empire, the most belligerent nation in the world at the time.

Liberal Myth No. 2: The ’80s were a decade of greed that benefited only the wealthy and overlooked the middle class.

In fact, Reagan created an economic recovery that lasted into the terms of three future presidents.

Liberal Myth No. 3: The federal government continued to grow and expand under Reagan, who callously tripled the national debt.

“If we examine the economic report cards of postwar presidents from Truman through Reagan, according to Harvard economist Robert Barro, Reagan easily finishes first,” Edwards says.

Liberal Myth No. 4: Reagan was a cynical, calculating politician who used “states’ rights” to win the 1980 election and paid little attention to African-Americans as president.



Anonymous said...

Soooooo, guess Iran-contra didn't make the list then.

Anonymous said...

One of the most respected and popular Presidents in my life time. A man of class and integrity, the opposite of Obama & Clinton.