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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baltimore’s Riot-Loving Mayor Now Working With Islamic Group Linked to Terrorism

Remember during the riots in Baltimore last month when the city’s mayor said that she had worked hard to make sure that rioters could have the “space to destroy” things if they wanted to? Well, now we find that same official is working with an Islamist group linked to terrorism.

It appears that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is working with an Islamist “charity” group and importing Islamist families into the city.

Islamic Relief USA is helping immigrants and refugees to find promising opportunities as instruments of economic and community growth in Baltimore.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake recognized the successes of this program at a local film screening this past Wednesday. She congratulated prospective home buyers and urged non-profits to continue supporting this work.

In Next City’s film “Building Resilience in Baltimore through Immigration,” immigrants are portrayed as key actors in societal change.



Anonymous said...

But these immigrants are a different breed..they are COMMUNISTS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me coming from the so called leadership in Baltimore. And it will never get better because of the mentality of the voters.

Anonymous said...

She has lost her head!

Concerned Retiree said...

Another excuse to limit our 2nd Amendment rights, especially the "Right To Carry" permits

Anonymous said...

Women in positions of power in the United States would be in a serious world of hurt under islamic rule, as would the gays. Islamic rule is all about men, women are possessions. The mayor of Baltimore would be out of job, no celebrity status as all. Folks need to be aware of the people they play with!