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Monday, April 13, 2015

Sharpton urges unity, praises S.C. mayor in wake of shooting

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- The Rev. Al Sharpton called for unity during a vigil at the site where 50-year-old Walter Scott was fatally shot by a North Charleston police officer.

A small crowd assembled Sunday afternoon under cloudy skies in the grassy, fenced-in area to pray for Scott, his family and for justice.

Scott was shot after fleeing a traffic stop April 4. Then-officer Michael Slager initially said Scott was shot after a tussle over his stun gun, but witness video surfaced showing Scott being shot as he ran away. Slager was fired and has been charged with murder.



Steve said...

Sharpton needs to get somewhere. This shooting is extremely bad, but stirring the pot is getting old here.

The cop committed murder, period. Case closed.

Sharpton just wants to see riots happen, Period, case closed.

Anonymous said...

Sharpton is lost bc the family told him to F OFF.

Anonymous said...

is it maybe possible there is more to the story than the video shows? It looks bad but wait until the whole story is out to condemn the cop.

Anonymous said...

What ever happen to that Salisbury mall and it getting renovated????

Anonymous said...

Most of us wish the media would stop giving this pos any coverage unless it has to do with charges and conviction for tax fraud!

Anonymous said...

11;45 Agreed. He isn't an authority nor an actual leader, but rather an agent provocateur whose despicable function is to churn up hatred and convert it into revenue.

Anonymous said...

parents told him to stay out of it. he just cannot control himself

Anonymous said...

You may want to look at the other video. Looks like the officer may have been within his rights. the video shows the tazer leads stuck in the officers leg and vest. Theres more to this than we know. I feel guilty because I jumped on the bandwagon that judged this guy before he had his day in court. Keep your eyeon this one as the facts come out.