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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wicomico County Democratic Central Committee


Anonymous said...

"We cannot elect more Democrats in 2018 without your support over the next four years."

Well, wouldn't that just be a blessing!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Don't even know where to begin. Another example of not being able to tell the truth by the Dems and liberals!

First, neither Hogan or Culver are Tea Party members. Culver is examining other possibilities for West Salisbury than a complete rebuild and he has suggested MOVING the athletic fields to another location, NOT scraping them. So Bowen's "accusation" is not only false, does it equal being anti-education? I think not!

This is written in the typical inflammatory style of the Wicomico County Democrats and BOE.
Yet the likes of Mike Dunn and Kim Hudson want to blame Culver for an "us vs. them" mentality. Well guess what? They need to look at the BOE and those who agree with the BOE policies, and people like the author of this letter, for creating the "us vs. them" culture.

Culver has different ideas and he is now "anti-education" because of his views on FACILITIES? I think EDUCATION is more about what goes on in the CLASSROOM and Culver wants to see MORE FUNDS IN THE CLASSROOM. Sounds like he is VERY PRO EDUCATION to me. Hey Dunn and Hudson, clean up the problems within your own circle before making accusations against others.

..and when did Mark Bowen become Dr. Mark Bowen? and is that even his signature on the letter?

Anonymous said...

Well guess what, we DID vote for this change and like it very much, thank you. You Democrats can go pound sand!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mark Bowen is a Vice-Principal with Wicomico County Schools. Has the same name as the Clerk of Courts. Two different people.

Anonymous said...

My form is going back with the "Other" box checked, along with a check for zero dollars and zero cents.
And I'm a lifelong Democrat, just in case anyone is interested.

Sorry, but the Party has taken such an embarrassing plunge in conscience and policy making that I can no longer support it until it's clear to its leaders that the path it's taken is wasteful, foolish and not in the best interests of the Country.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Mark Bowen voted for Bob Culver -- "This isn't the change I voted for in November, and I know-you didn't vote for this, either."

Just what change did he expect?

Anonymous said...

If this BS makes you want to support the Wicomico County Republican Party, send $$$$ to:

PO Box 133
Salisbury, MD 21803

Anonymous said...

Good idea, 7:10 AM. I think that my wife and I might do the same thing. I'm sorry that they didn't send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that we could wrap it around a brick and send it back with our compliments.

Steve said...

Scraping is done with a tool to remove something from an object, "Dr." Look it up in the dictionary. Exactly how did Mr. Culver propose to rub something on the athletic complex plans to remove a deposit?

...Or did you mean to use the correct spelling of the word, "scrapping"?

And what is your explanation of your claim in your letter that they are "eliminating programs that help to keep the Bay clean"? Are you just using that old saw because it sounds good? I'd like to hear your specifics on this before I hand over money to you. Happy "scraping"!

It would be well worth the postage to follow 7:10's example and send the "Dr." a check for ZERO dollars!

I am very happy with the changes I've seen so far; it's a good start, and I'm looking forward to the next few chapters of the movement! I'm sure it's not over yet!

Anonymous said...

First I would like to say that I am a Registered Democrat and I voted for Bob Culver because I felt he was the most level headed one for the job. He has proved me right over and over again so far. People if you do not stop wasting money you are going to run out. I have seen perfectly good buildings torn down that with a little upkeep could have saved the taxpayers a whole lot. Get some common sense instead of "Oh spend it, it is not our money". I worked for the state and heard this over and over again. What idiots!!! It is your money.

Anonymous said...

Fearmongering from the dumbocrats!

Based of the truth behind their story - it is exactly what I voted for.

They sent me one of these also - it's going back with my commentary!

Anonymous said...

Kim Hudson and Carolyn Elmore WILL be gone in short order

Anonymous said...

By now I firmly believe the people can clearly see that the Democratic platform is a FAILED SYSTEM. Instead of trying to uplift and enhance our community's lifestyle - they try and thwart it and suppress it. What a flawed party.

Anonymous said...

Bowen is proof positive of the bad effect of affirmative action!

Anonymous said...

This shows that Pollitt and his pals -- Phil and Barrie Tilghman, Ron Pagano and Michael Pretl among others -- continue to control the Wicomico democrats.