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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Time let Pete Rose, Baseball’s All-Time Hits Leader, into The Hall

It’s been 26 years since Pete Rose has been banned from Baseball for a crime that’s culturally lees relevant today than it was in 1989. And given the fact that states around the country are looking to legalize gambling to fill their coffers with tax revenue, why should Rose continue to suffer?

Yes, Pete Rose bet on baseball games. For a time he lied about doing it. But, 26 years seems like quite enough punishment for a 73 year old man to pay. I can think of 4,256 reasons why Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

No other player in baseball history has more hits than Rose. Perhaps no other man played the game harder than he did? He wasn’t the fastest, or the best skilled player in the game. He never had the power of Babe Ruth, or the swiftness of Lou Brock. But, nobody that ever played the game was as hungry for base hits as he. If he had 2 hits in a game, he wanted the third. If he’d gone 4 for 4 with another at bat and made an out, he would be disappointed with his performance.

That was Pete Rose!

He belongs with the All-Time greats and it should happen while he’s still alive because enough is enough!



Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

he is a total jerk. I don't care how many hits he had or how hard he played the game. another spoiled arrogant athlete who thinks they can dictate what rules to follow and what laws do not apply to them. Have you heard him lately? bitter, angry fool is still arrogant, conceited, and UNremorseful. And to think people actually pay this hypocrite to sign his name.

JoeAlbero said...

10:49, First of all, don't you think by now he has served his time?

You cannot deny his record. Not because of illegal drugs, he earned all of it.

So if YOU had made a mistake, how much time do YOU feel is time served? Oh, and how long would YOU be bitter?

I grew up with Pete Rose and many of the other greats from his era. I went to ball games most of my life before coming here to the Shore. I can't tell you how many times I played Mickey Mantle or Pete Rose when I was a child playing ball in the street.

The man has served his time. He has earned his place in history. Give it to him before he dies.

Anonymous said...

hey Joe, you should have the same outlook on everybody that breaks the rules. "he has served his time" "So if YOU had made a mistake, how much time do YOU feel is time served?

Anonymous said...

Very dedicated ballplayer with a long career. That's it.

His multiple infractions against long-standing gambling prohibitions earned him lifetime ban and exclusion from Cooperstown.

Actions have consequences. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

he has the greatest nickname of all time.... charlie hustle....

Anonymous said...

He will always be "Charlie Hustle" no one will top that...enough is enough lift the ridiculous ban!

lmclain said...

The Hall is for BASEBALL greatness.
Rose was one of the greatest hitters of all time.
Give him his due.
Or remove all the wife-beaters, alcoholics, street fighters, and gamblers that are already IN the Hall.
He has paid his debt.

Anonymous said...

A few articles prior to this Dr. Ben Carson, an accomplished and mature leader clearly makes the point concerning thugs in today's society that they and their communities must learn that actions carry consequences.

Pete Rose ignored this fact when he was gambling on professional baseball games. He was dishonest when his actions came to light.

His paychecks from the ball clubs cleared; that is all he was owed.

Election to the Hall of Fame is done by knowledgeable baseball people, and also through a veterans group. Nobody is owed election to the HOF!

He voluntarily and repeatedly brought his disgrace upon himself and just needs to own it.

Anonymous said...

4:00. Wife beating is a worse crime for sure. But, the legal system handles that outside of the game.

Gambling on your own team threatens the integrity of the game and could have destroyed the entire league. Point shaving almost ruined college basketball. For that reason he needs to stay out of the Hall.

Anonymous said...

Pete earned a lifetime ban, by actions he admitted to committing. It's that simple.

Every year since the ban was announced, he's hocked autographs down the street from the MLB HOF, only when the HOF inductions are ongoing. Continually spitting in the face of his ban, without ever being honest about it...screw him. Induct him after he dies, he doesn't deserve to know of the honor.

Anonymous said...

but you can forgive some players of much worse... rape, wife beating for starters.