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Friday, December 19, 2014

Hollywood studio pulls the plug on Steve Carell's new movie Pyongyang

The Sony hacking scandal continued reverberating throughout the Hollywood film industry on Wednesday as Steve Carell's slated new movie, Pyongyang was canceled.

The announcement was made just hours before Sony scrapped the release of the controversial Seth Rogen comedy The Interview, which was scheduled to premiere Christmas Day.

The studio's decision to cancel the release of the film about a CIA assassination plot targeting North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un was prompted by threatening messages alluding to 9/11-style terrorist attacks against cinemas.



Anonymous said...

"because we don't want to offend our Communist brethren". Hollywood LOVES the Communists.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think the U.S. would be seething and sending out the C.I.A. to check things out if some other country made a movie about assassinating our president? No wonder Korea is upset. That's not to say they did the right thing by hacking Sony, but of course they were offended.

Anonymous said...

What was it he said,"I wish they had said something to me" or something like that? If he really meant that,what about everything subsequent to "The Interview" that is yanked?