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Friday, December 19, 2014

FCC says Redskins name not offensive

The Federal Communications Commission dismissed a petition Thursday to deny renewal of WWXX-FM's broadcast license because it's the flagship radio station of the NFL's Washington Redskins, whose name has come under fire by some who see it as a derogatory term for Native Americans.

The petition claimed repeated use of the word "Redskins" violates rules against indecent content.

But the FCC said that the law defines profanity as sexual or excretory in nature — meanings that don't relate to the name of the football team.



Anonymous said...

The FCC definitely has a pair.Any number of enterprises have holding off of using the name "Redskins" in their title until this was resolved somewhat.

Anonymous said...

good to hear....

Anonymous said...

They did say their play is highly offensive.

Anonymous said...

Shocking..a government agency did the right thing???