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Friday, December 19, 2014

Frank Perdue's Wife Wants Others To Find Success From Her Husband's 'Tough' Yet 'Tender' Ways

Frank Perdue never wanted to become a TV star.

The man who led Maryland's Perdue Farms Inc. into a national poultry powerhouse was always too shy, Mitzi, the wife of the late Perdue, recalled.

But an advertising copywriter convinced him it was the only way he was going to sell his chicken. His competitors could compete with claims of freshness or taste, but they couldn't compete with Perdue's uncanny resemblance to the product he sold.

"The only thing they can't possibly copy is YOU!," Mitzi Perdue said copywriter Ed McCabe told her husband. "You look like a chicken, you squawk like a chicken, you have beady eyes like a chicken and your voice is scratchy like we think a chicken would sound like."


But Mitzi Perdue said her husband didn't mind. He agreed.



Anonymous said...

The main reason why Salisbury is the s-hole of the Shore!

Anonymous said...

The main reason there is ANY business in Salisbury. It amazes me how many folks want to demonize Perdue. The economic benefits Perdue has brought to the shore over the decades is incalculable. And by the way, I bought and read the book. It is really interesting and fun recognizing the names of various folks who have worked for Perdue for years that I knew when I worked there 25 years ago.

Anonymous said...

The Perdue family has made bilions of dollars off the backs of of delmarva. They did by paying you folks welfare wages.....and not paying their fair share. They have ripped the state of registration fees Maine tags on the keep singing the me......

Anonymous said...

Let's not use his driving record as a model. The guy killed people for crying out loud!