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Friday, December 19, 2014


To America (our Country) Dec.17,2014


About 235 years ago our Revolutionary War began. When it ended, The United States of America was born, liberty proclaimed and laws enacted under the new Constitution. At that time, John Jay wisely convinced George Washington to include in the Constitution the Article ll,section 1 provision, limiting the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to natural-born American citizens so that no one with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance (British, for example) could adversely affect the governance of our Country.


Recently, on a National TV "open mike" all America heard Obama telling his subordinates to find a way around the Constitution.This from a man who, when inaugurated swore, under oath, to defend that same Constitution! What John Jay feared has arrived, in the person of Barack Obama!

The above contrasts are from my earlier letter to our Country, entitled "A Stolen Country-Part 1. Seven years ago, I received an e-mail from overseas, suggesting Obama was possibly not a "natural-born" American citizen, thereby never eligible, under our Constitution, to seek the Presidency. Seven years later, factual evidence plus Obama's own words,his silence and his actions have convinced a majority of our Nation that he truly is an imposter. Herein follows a partial recap of his self-incrimination.

Obama initially had all his birth records sealed (as previous presidential-elects had done) until more and more Americans began questioning his eligibility. Then, in 2008, the Daily Kos News made public a "Certification" of Live Birth, a limited and inadmissable document for confirming presidential eligibility. Obama,a former Constitutional teacher,knew this yet he cited the Kos document as proof of his eligibility. In so doing, his verbal "seal of approval" opened the door to examination of his document by experts who overwhelmingly declared it not only inadmissable but fraudulent. Consider, also,that the Daily Kos claimed their copy was a copy of an original document which the Hawaiian Health Dept.couldn't find. How does one copy a lost document? Also, even if an identical Health Dept. copy of the Daily Kos one had existed that would simply mean that both were fraudulent and ineligible documents.Two wrongs do not make one right! For two years Obama kept this deception alive, knowing full-well he was deceiving America. Please reflect on that sentence. A man who constantly refers to himself as being "transparent" lied repeatedly for two years-a criminal act, born of desperation.

In 2010 a more serious problem arose.Individual States began preparing to require all presidential aspirants(including Obama) to produce valid long-form "Certificates of Live Birth"(not Certifications) to confirm their presidential eligibility in 2012. Realizing his fraudulent short-form would no longer mask his deception,Obama told the Nation that his long-form "Certificate of Live Birth", a document never previously found in any Hawaiian Dept. records nor used in his defense for two years had been located. That's some Health Dept. filing system. "Now they have it-now they don't-now they do! When experts on verifying document legitimacy "branded" Obama's new "find" not only fraudulent but a poor example of a fraud he then had it secreted away from the Public eye, lest his deception unraveled completely!

After Obama announced the miraculous "finding" of his previously unmentioned long-form "Certificate of Live Birth" he then used it as he had previously used his invalid,fraudulent "Certification of Live Birth", hoping to dismiss any and all challenges to his legitimacy. Out the window went transparency....again.


With few exceptions the Major Media bought Obama's deception and then re-sold it to America. Truth had now become unnewsworthy and, therefore, became ignored or ridiculed. Even when Hawaii's Governor Neil Abercrombie, who said he would personally go to his Health Dept. and obtain a valid long-form "Certificate of Live Birth" to satisfy our Nation's sceptics,returned to his office empty-handed and publically admitted his efforts were fruitless, the Major Media never reported this.

Obama's desperation knows no bounds. In 2009,to further his deception, he displayed a letter which he had sent to Kapiolani Hospital, saying he was born there. In fact, no Hawaiian Hospital (including Kapiolani) to this day will admit being Obama's birth hospital and the only confirmation Obama offers to substantiate his claim is his word and only his word....the word of a man who sold Obamacare with an assurance that "if you want to keep your doctor you can." We all know how truthful that statement was.

To be continued


Anonymous said...

He is a proven Liar on a host of items.
He is a racist that constantly devides the nation.
He backs police states " CUBA, IRAN" while denigrating our police agencies.
Being illegal himself he sees nothing wrong with letting millions of them invade our country.

Anonymous said...

If lightning were to strike him dead I would throw the biggest celebration party you have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

When he opens his mouth a lie comes out. That is who he is.

Anonymous said...

Well his damn golf game should be at it's best.I also think Moochelle should get a job at Target straightening shelves since she can reach that top shelf so easily.