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Friday, December 19, 2014

Will Pa. join NY and ban fracking for health reasons? By Ray Wallace

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Pennsylvania voters may have voted Gov. Corbett out of office,
but -- unlike New York -- is Pa. too corrupt to ban fracking?

After four years, Pa. hasn’t even stopped Perdue’s
taxpayer-subsidized plans to dump hundreds
of tons of toxic waste hexane yearly
into Susquehanna Valley air!

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Anonymous said...

PA should follow NY's and VT's leads on this, as should all states where fracking exists or is planned.

Anonymous said...

Considering that fracking doesn't harm health, I don't know why Pennsylvania would ban it. Plus, fracking has led to a lot of new jobs and economic growth in the state.

Banning fracking is about the dumbest thing Cuomo could do. There's no way Pennsylvania will do that. It would cripple the state's economy.

Anonymous said...

NY hasn't had any sort of fracking for 6 years. Strictly due to politics. Not the science. Not the lack of enviromental impact. Politics.

Anonymous said...

More fear mongering from enviroMENTAL idiots.

Anonymous said...

There is a much larger health risk to not frack, when energy prices become higher and people are limited in their energy needs.

Anonymous said...

Ray Wallace needs to check in with reality once in a while. This all has been happening all across America for decades, at least. He never provides any statistics on past harm.


Because there is none.

Anonymous said...

Yea I can't imagine what their problem is. Who would think that injecting toxic poisons into the ground is harmful and could lead to a long term disaster.
Why would those honest billionaire corporations lie to you about such a thing.

I suggest you google, Dimock, PA and see what that non toxic poison did to them, and that would be just one example.