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Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama says immigration action ‘lawful,’ calls on Congress to pass bill

President Obama announces an immigration executive action plan to shield nearly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, and calls on Congress to pass a bill while rejecting claims that his sweeping measures are unlawful.



Anonymous said...

Obama himself is on video numerous times saying this action that he's taking is illegal and that he would never do it.
Being typical ghetto like he is, he goes and does it anyway because being ghetto and a criminal law breaker go hand in hand. Lying and being law breakers are the only thing these ghetto scum types can do.

Anonymous said...

Impeach this IDIOT !

Anonymous said...

Impeach Hell!! Arrest him and charge him as a traitor. You ignorant a$$ Democrats are to stupid to see how this is affecting you and ruining this country. People like Chuck Cook and Jim Ireton drool over this monkey looking creature and all that does is proves to the intelligent people that you are nothing more than Kool Aid drinkers.