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Friday, November 21, 2014

Dumbest Pro-Illegals Op-Ed You’ll Read Positions U.S. As Communist East Germany

This is possibly the dumbest one you’ll read today, particularly from a major media outlet. Apparently, the talking points that made their way from the White House to the compliant lapdog legacy media is that what Obama intends to do with his “amnesty”, er, deferred deportation, is all about humanitarianism for these poor, poor folks who entered our country illegally/overstayed their visa. The Washington Post’s Harold Myerson decides to take it a step further and brings in the Berlin Wall. Yes, the Berlin Wall. No, seriously

The commemorations of the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall have thrust into the public spotlight the border guard who ordered the gates opened. The subject of both a new German-language book and film, one-time Stasi Lt. Col. Harald Jäger has recounted why he defied his orders. And his story couldn’t be more relevant to the debate consuming our own nation.

On the evening of Nov. 9, 1989, prompted by an erroneous announcement from an East German Politburo spokesman that his compatriots would be free to cross the border, thousands of East Berliners flocked to the checkpoint Jäger supervised. His superiors told him to keep the gates closed, though he could let a few people through, provided he marked the passports of those he determined were activists and blocked their reentry when they came back.

When one such young couple returned from the West, going home to their small children, Jäger saw that while the wife could reenter, her husband’s passport had been stamped, forbidding his return. Jäger faced a choice. “My responsibility was clear — enforce the law and split the couple,” he recalled to the Financial Times. “But at that moment it became so clear to me . . . the stupidity, the lack of humanity. I finally said to myself, ‘Kiss my arse. Now I will do what I think is right.’ ” He let the couple in. Then he commanded the guards to throw open the gates. The rest is history — and a lesson to a nation now embroiled in a different, but not that different, contest between the imperatives of custom and law, as some construe it, and those of keeping families together.

Got that? The U.S. is like Stasi run East Germany, and Mr. Obama is Lt. Col. Jäger, the super awesome guy who refused the order to stop the husband from returning to the (restrictive police state of) East Germany, and further went on to open the gates allowing East and West German families to reunite. Hooray! Because that’s no much different from what’s going on here in the United States. Except that there is no wall holding our citizens in.


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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how it's the same thing. The couple was returning home. Both of them lived in East Germany.

Our situation involves us letting in people who do not live here.