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Friday, November 21, 2014

American farmers are raising hogs that are too fat to make holiday hams - raising prices 26percent

American farmers are raising pigs that are too fat to make traditional 7lb holiday hams - causing the prices of the the Christmas favorite to skyrocket.

Hog producers are taking their pigs to slaughter weighing more than 215lbs - a record high for pork producers.

As a result, the hams that are being taken from the fatter pigs are five to seven pounds too heavy to make holiday hams, Bloomberg reports.

The cost of spiral cut ham in supermarkets is $3.43 - up 26 percent from last year.

The result, pork producers say, is that farmers keep their hogs longer and raise them fatter in an attempt to recoup some of the losses from the millions of piglets that died from this year's deadly porcine epidemic diarrhea.



Anonymous said...

Or could it be that companies like Smithfield are now owned by China? I'll bet if Smithfield silently imported those scrawny who knows what? fed hogs, they would surely fill the bill for those all of a sudden overfed American raised pork? If so, they'll just get the U.S. Dictator to outlaw American overfed pork and substitute the leaner version from KaChink, KaChink Smithfield China? Barry's got them covered, he's force fed HealthScare, removed the word Illegal and Immigrant from the U.S. dictionary (everyone in the world that wants to live as an an American now has the blessing of the exalted Dictator, America's first Black King), Now he can take charge of all those fat piggies. Like he said, I've got some stuff to do. I guess we now know what stuff means when Kings from the hood say it.

Anonymous said...

I raise my own. I refuse to allow the corrupt fda and usda to put food on my table.

It's not hard to keep a hog lean, even when raised in confinement.

Anonymous said...

Those larger picnic shoulder cuts could easily be turned into pulled pork, but they're going up in cost, too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should roundup some of the feral hogs from Texas!