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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Judge orders man to shave his head bald as punishment for cutting off ex-girlfriend's pony tail under Virginia's 'eye for an eye law'

A man who cut off as much as 12 inches of his former girlfriend's hair has been ordered to shave his head for six months as punishment under an 'eye for an eye' law.

Virginia man Melvin D. Hunt, 61, has agreed to the terms and must take a razor to his scalp by December 1.

His attorney, Billy Shields, said that he didn't think there was anything terrible about the punishment.



Anonymous said...

Remember the Amish sect of men a couple of years ago who cut off the beards of a rival sect of men? Those guys went to jail, did hard time for their crime. This jerks a whacko and deserves jail just as much as the Amish did. If I were that woman, I'd stalk his a** and make him Really pay the penalty I set forth, not some lenient judge.

Anonymous said...

Cut the hair then wear a sign, front and back, of what his crime was for the duration.