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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pa. Restaurant Supplier Opening Maryland Warehouse

A Pennsylvania-based online supplier of commercial cooking gear says it’s opening a distribution center in western Maryland that will create 150 jobs.

The WebstaurantStore Food Service Equipment and Supply Co. announced Monday that it has purchased a 525,000-square-foot building in Cumberland that will become its second warehouse on the East Coast.

The privately owned Lancaster, Pennsylvania company says it will begin operations in Cumberland next spring.

Maryland’s Department of Business and Economic Development says it’s providing a $300,000 loan, and Allegany County is offering a $30,000 loan.



Anonymous said...

This is exactly the type of business this area needs! One that is NOT dependent on the local economy. Getting all jazzed up over bars and restaurants and music halls opening is just plain old stupid, because the local economy can not support them and unfortunately most will fail.

JoeAlbero said...

6:00, I agree. Hopefully Governor Hogan will consider treating the Eastern Shore differently.

Anonymous said...

525,000 square feet is just too much rain tax to pay. They would never come here.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I read several papers daily and have noticed a handful of companies have up and relocated from Balto area out to a Western MD county in the past year or 2. Why? I think it's because the counties themselves are actively seeking the companies out and making them good offers. Seems to me, Wicomico has some kind of economic development dept. What are they doing? It doesn't seem like very much.