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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mother's fury after finding that teachers had locked her disabled daughter, 7, in makeshift CAGE at elementary school

The mother of a developmentally disabled girl has filed a legal claim against her daughter's former special education teacher for allegedly putting the child in a gated enclosure that the mother said amounted to a cage.

Ledelldra Brooks told The Fresno Bee she found her 7-year-old daughter wearing a dirty diaper inside the pen made from a toddler gate and a crib gate attached to bookshelves when she showed up unannounced at the girl's first grade classroom at Viking Elementary School in Fresno in May.

Brooks called the police, who dismantled the unit and referred the results of their investigation to the district attorney as a possible case of misdemeanor child abuse.



Anonymous said...

So the District Attorney felt that public outrage would provide free fuel for this case I presume.I would like to know if there were any non special needs children in the class,and if so the ratio.

Anonymous said...

Who cares 2:29? If this were YOUR child, that thought of question would never enter your permissive brain. Adults that participate in this kind of behavior should be FOREVER removed from contact with ALL children. They lack the capacity of compassion and empathy and CARE GIVERS, they are NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT This is a diminished capacity 7 (seven) year old child being abused by full grown adults. I'd sue their a**es off, right after I beat the hell out of those responsible and anyone trying to stop me! Rotten!

Anonymous said...

2:29 That is legitimate question! What's the big deal about providing the ratio. Sounds to me that the child is not in the proper class for their disability. Not saying the teacher was right, however, could be child abuse for parent because they aren't providing proper care for child's disability.

Anonymous said...

My only point was that some states have classes that are mixed on occasion.The cage issue seemed to tell me that all may not have been special needs kids.The object is to acclimate the non special needs kids to all phases of society,because in life they will encounter all types.By no means was I condoning putting a child in a cage.