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Friday, October 03, 2014

Wind turbines blow down property value, says expert

“Direct Evidence of Value Impact: An Appraiser’s Perspective on Living with Wind Turbines”

—Michael S. McCann, CRA, McCann Appraisal, LLC (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I can understand why some people have no clue as to what constitutes “direct evidence of value loss” when they have zero training or education as a professional appraiser. Further, when self-interest is placed above objective analysis by anyone, wildly different opinions are the result.

However, different does not mean equal. Being duly licensed, and with over 30 years experience in professionally evaluating the impacts of one land use on the value of another, please permit me to clarify.

There is a hierarchy of evidentiary value, or how reliable certain information is construed, vis-à-vis other forms of potential evidence.

Case Study Data: The most reliable method for determining property value



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only people cry that, are people with stock in the electric company.

Anonymous said...

Think about it....would you want a wind turbine in your neighborhood? Use your common sense.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what form of electricity generation would you NIMBY types prefer?

Anonymous said...

This is a much needed reality check. Pioneer Green says property values will not decrease so why are they fighting the inclusion of a property value guarantee in Somerset County's zoning ordinance?

Anonymous said...

What business would agree to a property value guarantee? That is inviting lawsuit whenever property values go down for any reason. The University of Connecticut and University of Rhode Island have both done studies that indicate that there is no negative effects of property values from wind turbines. The US Dept of Energy and the Journal of Real Estate Research both have also done studies that conclude that there is no net effect of wind turbines on property prices. A market researcher named Ben Hoen has also done at least 3 extensive studies which found no evidence that wind turbines effect property values. A poultry house would hurt property values far more than a wind turbine but would anyone ever ask a local farmer to give a property value guarantee? No business with good management would ever enter into such an agreement, and no county desperate for business revenue would ever request one.

Anonymous said...

Zoning ordinances are there to protect people and their properties from incompatible development. There is overwhelming evidence that industrial wind in communities creates problems. The contracts Pioneer Green are using to buy people off even spell it out. IT IS NOT A SECRET. Too Bad Somerset leaders think we are too dumb to figure it out. Hopefully, we can get rid of these county commissioners in November. Maybe then, we can also get rid of Glen Ains, Kevin Anderson, and Pat Carson who do not seem to care about safety.

Anonymous said...

Of course they decrease property values. You never hear of them going in the high rent districts.
They are only ever proposed to go into depressed areas.

Anonymous said...

@6.11 You need to travel a little. Turbines are in many so called high rent areas. One example is the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. Very high end and covered with Turbines.