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Friday, October 03, 2014

The Media Knows We Are On Brown's Heels

"A new poll shows that if the election were held Wednesday, the race for Maryland governor could be too close to call." - WBAL TV
Yesterday we told you about a poll that was released showing our campaign was just a few points behind Anthony Brown. Today the media is confirming these numbers in aseries of stories!

"Brown holds narrow lead over Hogan in Md. governor’s race, poll says.” - The Washington Post

What these stories are quick to point out is how significantly we have closed the gap and that we are neck and neck with Brown. The momentum is on our side!

Help us close the gap!

Like we told you last night, we are tracking in the same position as Governor Bob Ehrlich was in 2002 when he pulled off a huge upset over the Democrats and won.

“New Poll Shows Brown Leads Hogan By Single Digits.” - WBAL

Results of the poll showed that a majority of Marylanders are most concerned with jobs and the economy as well as rolling back the tax hikes implemented by the O'Malley-Brown administration. Our message of fiscal responsibility and getting Maryland working again is what resonates with Maryland voters and we are ready to work with them to change our state in November!

Help us close the gap!

There are only 33 days left in the race and there is much work to be done! Please make a contribution to the campaign today for $3, $30, $300 or more to help us spread our message of a stronger Maryland through our ads and get-out-the-vote program. Help us fund the last 30 days!

Thank you for your support,

Larry Hogan


Anonymous said...

Brown has nothing on growing the economy or lowering taxes just war on women and Chesapeake bay BS.

Anonymous said...

Brown's all about raising taxes, kill jobs and supporting the western shore.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Brown is just like voting for Obama!!!