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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Standing guard and seconds from death – the last picture of Canadian reservist father who ‘would give anything to anyone’

The reservist soldier shot dead Wednesday as he stood guard at Canada's War Memorial in Ottowa was photographed by a Parliament Hill visitor mere moments before the horrific act of terror.

Corporal Nathan Cirillo is pictured in what is in all likelihood the final photo taken of the 24-year-old father before he was shot and fatally wounded.

Seconds later, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot Cirillo, whose ceremonial weapon was not loaded. The soldier was rushed to a hospital, but soon succumbed to the wounds, which were inflicted at close range.


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Anonymous said...

Corporal Cirillo was standing guard with an empty weapon and by this did not have any opportunity to defend his own life or the life of others. Later an armed guard at the Parliament building would eliminate the threat from causing any more harm. An armed good man stopped an armed bad man. I wonder now if anti gun nuts see the difference between an armed honest citizen and an unarmed honest citizen.