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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Multiple Dredging Projects Taking Place This Fall; OC Canals, Inlet Work Underway

OCEAN CITY — The fall dredging season is well underway in and around Ocean City with several projects going on simultaneously.

The federal Army Corps of Engineers in September began a major dredging project of the navigation channels in the Isle of Wight and Sinepuxent bays with hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of dredged materials being spread at various important ecological sites in and around the resort area. Taking place at the same time is the dredging of various canals in Ocean City, which need to be dredged to facilitate marine navigation.

New on the landscape this week was the Army Corps’ dredge vessel “Murden” which was seen working in and around the Inlet and at the mouth of the commercial harbor in recent days. Twice a year, typically in the spring and fall, the “Murden” performs sand management dredging during which the Corps takes material from the Inlet ebb and flood shoals and transports it to the surf zone on Assateague.


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Anonymous said...

Why don't boat owners paying for this? I don't own a boat why are my taxes going to enhance their pleasure?