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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some Revere parents upset over Islam in curriculum

REVERE, Mass. (WHDH) - Some parents in Revere were angry when they learned students were being taught about Islam and the Muslim religion.

"No religion should be taught at school. In their paper it says Allah is their only God. That's insulting to me as a Christian who believes in just Jesus only," said Anthony Giannino.

A section of the textbook describing the beliefs of Muslims says, "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah."

Giannino immediately pulled his son out of the classroom.

"We don't believe in Allah. I don't believe in my son learning about this here," he said. "If my son was from another country and came here, he would have been catered to. But where he's not being catered to, they give him an F."



Anonymous said...

What a bunch of idiots. Religion can most certainly be taught in school, as long as it's being taught in a balanced way. Your kid should definitely learn about Islam, just as he should learn about Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.

Anonymous said...

When you piss off the people in ultra-liberal New England, you've done something!

Anonymous said...

But are out children being taught about Christianity? In school? Every time I open the paper or click on a news site some yahoo is threatening a law suit because of Christianity being mentioned. I'm not saying it isn't being taught. I just doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Religion must be taught.

There is no way to understand our politics without having some understanding of religion.