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Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Proof Liberals Are Rigging Elections

CORRUPTED VOTE Illinois voting machines change GOP votes to Dem

Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.

Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote Monday at the Schaumburg Public Library.

"I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent," Moynihan said. "You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat."



Anonymous said...

Well there you have it! Now how and what is it gonna take to fix this issue?

Anonymous said...

This seems to happen every election and the error always vote Democrat. I have yet to hear of one time when a voting machine always voted for a republican.

I work in IT and what I can't understand is that this is always blamed on a calibration issue with the screen.

This does not make any sense. Many people use touch screens today and they do not need to be "calibrated". This is always the same lame excuse.

I work with touch screens all the time and they never have to be calibrated.

I think calibrated is the code word for "Rigged".

Anonymous said...

"This was a calibration error of the touch-screen on the machine," Scalzitti said"

In other words the machine was rigged.

Anonymous said...

The calibration must have been in the statisticians. They certainly didn't calibrate that they would be caught on the first day of voting!

Rebel Without a Clue said...

Illinois you say? Hummmmmm, who would have thought that there was anything corrupt in Illinois?

Anonymous said...

10:05 is absolutely correct, why doe's it always appear to be in favor of the democratic party as well as it always seems to be liberals and democrats opposing any type of voter id laws and rules. These days you need identification to do anything except to elect the people who run the government and essentially our lives beyond our front door (sometimes even inside your home) !

Anonymous said...

12:51 That has become the problem. The government not only tries to control us outside of our homes but now is trying to control us in our homes. It's time for us to put a stop to this.

Anonymous said...

This is seriously frightening and confirms fears that these voting machines are flawed or RIGGED. My mind cannot except that the majority of people in this country were stupid enough to vote for communist muslin Obama twice. I've strongly believed the election had to be fraudulently rigged.

This recent voting machine error enforces my fears giving me a nauseating knot in my stomach.