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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Letter To The Editor: The Laura Mitchell – Ron Pagano Scam Strategy

I think maybe you should rewrite that story to include Josh Hastings. His scam is the same. On his campaign web page "About Josh" he creatively inserts

"For the two years prior to my current position I worked as the Legislative Assistant to the Chair of the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee in the Maryland State Senate." Why doesn't Josh admit who he worked for? What does he have to hide? Why is he misleading the people like Mitchell and Pagano did?

This is where he cleverly makes it sound as though he has such big time connections in Annapolis and such big time experience. What he fails to tell you is that he was a legislative aid for the most liberal Baltimore City Senator in the entire General Assembly. Democrat Senator Joan Collins is a big Obama supporter. She also sponsored and supported Immigrant Tuition Bill in the Senate giving Illegal Aliens in-state tuition. She was also a big supporter of Same Sex Marriage. From a Gay news site The Washington Blade "Maryland Senator Key to Marriage Vote" “She made a statement earlier saying that she would cast the deciding vote if the votes were there,” Josh Hastings, Conway’s legislative assistant, told the Blade Friday. “But she didn’t think the votes were there. That was like two weeks ago.” That's how the Democrats play their political games.

Senator Joan Conway is a gun grabber and got failing grades from all groups supporting YOUR gun rights. She is also a tree hugging land grabber just like Josh Hastings is. Why do you think she lives in Balitmore City.


Anonymous said...

Do not vote for Rick Pollitt, Laura Mitchell or Josh Hastings.

Anonymous said...

Josh Hastings came to my house one Saturday and told me to vote for him. I asked him a bunch of questions, but he wouldn't answer them directly. He kept dancing around my questions leading me to believe he was a Republican because it wasn't written anywhere on his literature. He finally came out and told me he was a Republican. Since I was somewhat interested I Googled his name and found out that he had lied to me. I found his name as a Vice President of the Wicomico County Democrat and I found numerous mentions of him on your web page as a very liberal Democrat. Everyone needs to do your own homework because he is not honest.

Low and behold Josh Hastings is a damn LIAR.