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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'She became extremely sad'

Carers for the world's most intelligent gorilla claim she was 'close to tears' following news of Robin Williams' death - 13 years after video captured the two becoming fast friends

News of Robin Williams' untimely death hit particularly close to home for famed sign language gorilla Koko, who handlers say was moved nearly to tears by the somber mood shared by all at her Northern California home.

Staff at the Gorilla Foundation were, like much of America, in mourning after hearing the news Monday. Williams visited their center in 2001 and quickly befriended Koko, making her laugh for the first time in six months.

So when they explained to Koko, who is fluent in American Sign Language, that a dear friend of the center had died, she soon became sad and is pictured sitting hunched over with a quivering lip.



Anonymous said...

We tend to believe that only humans experience loss but elephants, apes, chimps and many other creatures mourn in their own unique way.

Anonymous said...

How sad.

Anonymous said...

Animals are much more intelligent than many of us like to believe, and humans much less so.

Anonymous said...

Aww that's sad, I wanna giver her a hug.

Anonymous said...

3:18 is absolutely right