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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yeah, We Need This Training, NOT

Air Force officials are close to a decision on whether to expand a northern plains bomber training area

If they go ahead, the Air Force would have airspace covering 28,000 square miles. It would be used for B-52 training from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and B-1 bomber training from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. 

The zone also includes parts of Wyoming and Montana. The Air Force says the space is needed to keep bomber crews ready. They say it would save money, because planes wouldn't have to fly Utah or Nevada for training. 

Locals have opposed the expansion, calling it a federal aid space grab. A final decision could come within a month.


Anonymous said...

Why don't they use the area just north of the river in Texas?

They could have real targets to practice on and it would solve the illegals problem...."do you feel luck vato?".

Anonymous said...

Sections of Chicago, perhaps?

Or to enforce the curfew in Charm City?

Anonymous said...

There are some places in DC they could practice.