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Thursday, June 12, 2014

MD Attorney General Race

Jim Ireton harvested emails from his campaign and other sources and now he is using them without our permission to promote his Democrat agenda.
From: "Jim Ireton" <>
To: "James Ireton" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 8:05:00 PM
Subject: MD Attorney General race - my thoughts
Brian Frosh has my unqualified support for Maryland Attorney General because I know that no one works harder or smarter than he does.  The Washington Post had it exactly right when they said in their endorsement editorial that he will be, “a superb attorney general" and the Baltimore Sun said that it "would be difficult to find a more thoughtful, straightforward and honest lawmaker in Annapolis, and those are just the qualities we need in an attorney general." .
The public is the underdog in many of our legislative battles against special interests, but because of grassroots support, the public interest won out in the end.
Please help make Brian Frosh’s campaign a winning one, too.
Our next Attorney General will face many challenges.  We need the most qualified, most experienced person to lead our state in keeping us safe and secure.  Brian has the judgment to make the tough choices. 
But one choice in the upcoming elections is not tough….Brian Frosh is clearly the best candidate.
Early Vote starts tomorrow and will be running until June 19th.  The primary election is on June 24th.
The Frosh team has canvassed in Salisbury and may have personally knocked on your door.  Person to person contact really does make a difference.  It is democracy at its best.
Brian Frosh is my friend and my trusted colleague. He is an accomplished lawyer with a strong ethical base.  That’s what we need in our Attorney General.  Let’s help him become our “people’s lawyer.”
See you soon,


Authority: Ireton for Maryland. William C. Duck, Jr., Treasurer


Anonymous said...

If Ireton is campaigning for him, no way in the world I would vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Go back to Rehobeth Jimmy

Anonymous said...

There's the PERFECT reason to NOT vote for him!

Anonymous said...

Frosh is better than another Cardin...

Anonymous said...

Indeed he`s not a republican. The republican creedo condems acts either illegal or immoral..i.e. homsexuality. Ireton IS NOT what they`re looking for in any respect.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's very clear that Ireton himself did not write that.

"Ireton for Maryland" huh?

What's that little campaign committee setting him up for?

I had to laugh at the name, because he obviously stole that from "Tim Spies for Salisbury."

Not an original thought in that primped and groomed head.

Anonymous said...

1:25 said "The republican creedo [sic] condems [sic] acts either illegal or immoral."

Hahahahahaha. That's too funny. Sure, Republicans are ANGELS and Democrats are DEMONS.

C'mon, man! It's all the same snake oil...they just sell it to different suckers. Quit buying it and help take our country back!

Anonymous said...

How capable is this guy if he trusts and wants Ireton's endorsenebt

Anonymous said...

Ireton hates Republicans and the idiots voted for him in the city election. Get a grip you RINO morons.

The Republican Club needs to come up with good candidates for the next city election.

Anonymous said...

I went out to the Wicomico Civic Center and noticed that Frosh campaign moved my signs and put theirs in key spots in front of mine. That is a worthless P.O.S. to do that. I am going to put razor blades in mine so the next time he pulls mine up he will end up with a few stitches.