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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nearly 90 in Georgia Indicted in Food Stamp Fraud

Stores bought food stamps and vouchers off customers for steep discounts, redeemed from federal gov't for full amount

Federal prosecutors in Georgia announced indictments on Tuesday against 88 people in one of the country’s largest food-stamp fraud cases.

Fifty-four defendants were accused in an alleged scheme to open grocery stores in Georgia that would buy food stamps and cash vouchers at deep discounts, which the stores would then redeem with the federal government at full value.

The defendants also allegedly conspired to launder $18 million in profit from the plot.

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Anonymous said...

Really.. food stamp fraud, no way. ha!

Anonymous said...

Burn 'em good! It's not enough that we subsidize so many without good cause?

Ray said...

I'll even bet that our government even subsidized these foreign owned stores.

Anonymous said...

They need to burn both the buyers and the sellers.....